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Today’s Question: What’s Your Preferred Screen Size?



ManyquestionsScreen size and resolution are among the many personal decisions that a user must make before making that mobile purchase. On a Tablet PC, I’ve been a high-res guy since day 1. James Kendrick has posted Of screen size and resolution on Mobile PCs stating what he thinks are the current optimal resolutions for mobile devices. And of course jk has had a wealth of experience with the smaller screen. I happen to agree with jk’s preferences. There’s a another wrinkle in the mix as well. The new trend on Tablet PCs with 12.1 inch screens seems to be with widescreens (Dell, Gateway, HP, Toshiba) running 1280 x 800 WXGA.

Here’s jk’s list:

5 inch or slightly smaller-  800 x 600
7 inch-  1024 x 600
9 inch- 1280 x 768
12.1 inch- 1440 x 1050

What are your thoughts?

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