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Today’s Tablet PC/UMPC Question: What Do You Want To See In The Next Version of Office?



ManyquestionsWe continue to get some good feedback and discussion centering around the questions we have been asking, so let’s keep it going. If you need any further indication that your responses to these questions have an impact with Microsoft, OEMs, and developers look no further than the comments to this post, wherein Eliot Graff, of Microsoft chimed in to reinforce the importance of your feedback.

Today’s questions centers on Microsoft Office. In my mind there is no question that Office 2007 took the Inking experience to a new level. There is also no question that the Office team can still go further to incorporate the Tablet PC/UMPC experience more. We’d like to know your thoughts about where you think Office should be headed. So here’s today’s question:

If the Office product team asked you for three suggestions regarding Tablet PC/UMPC functionality that they would consider incorportating in the next version what would they be?

Leave your answer in a comment or in this thread in the forums.

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