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Today’s Tablet PC/UMPC Question: What’s Still Missing in Vista?



ManyquestionsThe response to the first question in this series was really quite impressive. Thanks so much to those who took the time to answer. Some great thoughtful answers on a number of fronts, that mostly focused on hardware. No surprise there. Today’s question and the next several will focus on Tablet PC software. Remember Microsoft, OEM’s, and developers are paying attention to these threads, so your thoughtful responses do make a difference.

Here is the question for the day:

Vista has made significant improvement in Tablet PC functionality. Handwriting recognition is better. Pen Flicks are a great addition. Touch is now a big part of the future. But is it enough. You are now on the Tablet PC Team. What’s missing in the OS from a Tablet PC/UMPC perspective? You are going to the meeting to plan the next evolution of Tablet PC and UMPCs. What are you bringing as your wish list?

Leave your answer in a comment or in this thread in the forums.

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