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Tofel Inks on the Vye



vyes37[1]Kevin Tofel takes a look at the inking experience on the Vye S37 for all of the UMPC inkers out there.  His post, Inker or Stinker takes a quick look at his experience was like.  He has already adjusted his ways for inking on the Q1P, and it seems like he might have to do the same on the Vye as well. 

Back to the original "inker or stinker" question then. Here’s my conclusion: the inking experience for most people will be sub-par at best. Does that mean the Vye should be crossed off of your UMPC wish list? Absolutely not unless you’re a heavy duty inker, in which case you’d be better suited with a Fujitsu U810 or P1610, both of which should be better for inking. If you’re an occasional inker or are looking for a sub-notebook device, the marginal inking experience shouldn’t be too high on your list of cons. It all comes down to finding the device that meets your needs best. True, all-day inkers won’t be happy, while folks that rely on a keyboard and occasional touch won’t be disappointed.

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