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Tom Bhin Bag #2 – The Ego



IMG_0108 I am going to give you all a close look at the Tom Bhin Ego bag in a future video, but I wanted to share with you some pictures.  Rob was sent the Buzz Bag to review and I was sent a bag that is a little bigger to give a once over.  For me, the Buzz bag is just too small…  The Ego on the other hand is just about the perfect size for me.  I have been using an Ogio bag for a while, then a different Ogio bag and before that I was using a Swiss Army bag…  I have the same bag fetish at Rob, but I just don’t like to admit it.  Right now I have 5 bags sitting in my office – There I said it…

Back to the Ego bag – this bag I think will make me get rid of all those bags.  Yes, I am as happy with the bag as Rob is with his.  This is a mid sized messenger style bag, and it will fit everything I need to carry and then some.  Little pouches for me to put all my loose items – slots for both my hard drives that I carry around – places for my Cingular card, web cam, pens and a slot for folders and papers.  Check out the photos (click for larger view) and see for yourself what the bag has to offer.  Then go to the Tom Bhin site and check out all the color and style options.  If you’re going to carry around your Tablet PC, the you’ll want to get a Brain Cell as well for the ultimate protection.

IMG_0109 One option that I was sent that I really like is the seat belt buckle strap.  The front strap and buckle are interchangeable with a ton of options.  I have a reflective strap that has a regular buckle – and I also have a strap that has the cool seat belt buckle.  Check out the picture to see what I am talking about – just ads something a little different to the bag that’s for sure!

Check out this forum post for more pictures of the bag.

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