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Tom Bihn Buzz Bag Contest Winner Announced



 buzzbag Congratulations to Rob, aka DefiantOne, on winning our Tom Bihn Buzz Bag contest. Rob is the winner of a Buzz Bag of his choice, valued at $120.00

Also, congratulations to OrgWizard and Tuan on winning a Splotch! I’ll be emailing you to get an address.

Here is Rob’s winning entry:

As a student, commuting to campus for the day can mean bringing a lot of things with you. Currently, I carry: Lenovo X41 Tablet, Motion LE1600 pen, extra 8 cell, power adapter, network cable, USB gps(very handy), usb LED snakelight, flashlight, keys, cellphone, voice recorder, mp3 player w/ headphones…whew! Oh plus all the school related stuff like textbooks, clipboard w/ paper, pens and so on.

Needless to say, my back needs a break! So why don’t I just empty out what I don’t need when I’m not on campus all day you ask? Well, inevitably, something disappears. Its just my luck.

So I’ve been searching for a small bag that I can carry on those days when I don’t need to carry everything and the kitchen sink. I just wanted something small, but with excellent protection for my tablet.

Well, after seeing the Inkshow, the Buzz Bag seems perfect for my needs. I can carry the essentials such as my tablet and the extra battery, cell phone, mp3 player and my Motion pen easily. And with the storage bag, I can even forgo my wallet and bring just my ID, a small bit of cash and my bank card. And there is even room for a small umbrella for rainy days!

I also think the strap is great, I can wear the bag like a slingbag or over one shoulder; perfect for dealing with a crowded subway. All in all, its a great bag I’d love to have.

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