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Tom Bihn Ego Bag and Brain Cell Winner Announced



Congratulation to Tom Kurkowskiimageimage on winning the Ego and Brain Cell from Tom Bihn.

Tom gets to pack up all his toys into the bag while flying around Alaska in a helicopter.

Clip from the winning post:

"The biggest pain is keeping all this gear easily at hand when I need it. When we’re using a helicopter, I especially strive not to forget anything and try to carry extras in case something fails, or else there’s a lot of money wasted doing nothing. The bag I currently use is an old projector bag, you know, the ones that come free with the projector with the one big flap that covers the one large abyss. It really sucks hovering over a cabin at 300ft altitude while I try to find the dang spare batteries because my darn camera has just run out of juice at the worst time. I know we’re in the right place because I can see the cabin on the imagery on the beautiful Q1P linked to GPS, but where the heck are those batteries!"

Enjoy the bag and we all hope it keeps all your electronics safe and organized!!

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