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Toon Boom Studio 4 and the Tablet PC



Image-0007 I’m not much of an artist, so maybe some of the readers can chime in on this one….  There is a new upcoming release of an animation software called Toon Boom Studio Version 4.  One of the features of this new version is the support for the Tablet PC OS – XP and Vista.

Studio 4 also includes: support of Adobe Illustrator layers, the Vectorize Preview window, improved drawing tools, improved timeline, Alpha Onion Skinning and support of Tablet PC OS (for Windows XP and Vista).

What else is interesting about this software?  Well, the new release of The Simpsons Movie used this software!  It sure is interesting to see some of the software used to make movies like this – wonder how long it took to make that feature length movie?  If you are an artist and a Tablet PC user, make sure and check back with us when you get a hold of this release!!


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