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Top 2015 Super Bowl Ads



While Super Bowl ads don’t truly air until the big game is well underway, many companies who have Super Bowl ads will usually upload them to YouTube in order for viewers to get an advanced look. Here are some of the ads that you can look forward to tomorrow.

The 2015 Super Bowl (also known as Super Bowl XLIX) takes place tomorrow night, and while the game will be the main focus point for many viewers, the ads will also get the same attention. Super Bowl Sunday is the best time for brands and companies to go all out with their advertising campaigns and bring their best ideas to the table, as the Super Bowl brings in the most TV viewers of any broadcast throughout the year.

This is why Super Bowl ads are usually among the best when it comes funny, edgy, and even emotional content.

A handful of Super Bowl ads are already available for viewing on YouTube, so if you want to get a head start before the big game rolls around, here are some of the ads that you’ll see during tomorrow’s game.


T-Mobile went all out with one of their Super Bowl ads, with Kim Kardashian discussing the carrier’s latest new feature called Data Stash, which allows customers to rollover unused data to the next month.

In the ad, Kim Kardashian professes that “each month, millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies,” and she continues by gloating that that unused data “could be used to see my make-up, my backhand, my outfits, my vacations, and my outfits.” Throughout this, the internet celebrity is shown taking her classic selfies.


Squarespace is back this year with another Super Bowl ad, only this time it features Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges, who takes the time to plug his new music album, which consists of 15 tracks of sounds, meditations, and stories that will help you fall asleep at night.

The album is titled Sleeping Tapes and sales will go to the childhood hunger campaign called “No Kid Hungry” from nonprofit Share Our Strength, for which Bridges is the spokesman. Where does Squarespace fit in? Bridges’ website,, was built using Squarespace and is being used to promote his new album.


It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl without Budweiser chipping in with a new ad, and that’s exactly what the beer company did this year. And as always, Anheuser-Busch is tugging on your heart strings.

The ad is about a lost puppy who eventually finds his way back home, but he gets into some trouble along the way, only to be rescued by some Clydesdale horses. Budweiser never fails to make great Super Bowl ads, and its Clydesdale horses are absolute icons.


Before you get confused, yes — Mophie made a Super Bowl ad. The iPhone battery case maker is branching out and attempting to reel in the mainstream audience about the importance of iPhone extended battery cases and not letting your smartphone die.

We won’t spoil the 1-minute ad for you, but Mophie slogans the ad with, “When your phone dies, who knows what can happen.” The video shows a montage of the world entering chaos, similar to what we can probably expect the apocalypse to look like, but why is this happening? Watch the ad above to find out.


Toyota is another big brand that’s always around during the Super Bowl, and this year’s ad doesn’t disappoint.

Toyota’s 3-minute-long extended Super Bowl ad on YouTube features current and former NFL players, like Kurt Warner and DeMarcus Ware, talking about their dads and how much they meant to them, as well as being a good dad for their current kids.


McDonald’s is well known for its marketing and advertisements, so it’s no surprise that the fast food chain will be making an appearance during Super Bowl commercial breaks.

However, the company is only giving a sneak peek at its Super Bowl ad, which features candid customers approaching the counter to order food only to be surprised by a mysterious note that they’re given, with the ad only saying, “This February, McDonald’s will be randomly accepting a new form of payment.” What could it be?


Snickers has been making waves with its series of ads that involve giving Snickers bars to cranky people in order to calm them down, and Snickers’ Super Bowl ad takes it to a new level.

The ad features actors Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi on the set of Brady Bunch. That’s really the only way I can describe, so you’ll have to watch the ad above to get a sense of the craziness, although it is pretty cool how Trejo and Buscemi travel back in time.


Skittles has moved away from its “Taste the Rainbow” campaign and is introducing what looks to be something completely new in its Super Bowl ad, possibly a guest appearance from Popeye the sailor?

The ad is only 15 seconds long and we’re guessing we’ll have to tune in to the Super Bowl in order to see the whole thing, but it looks like we’ll get a glimpse at a live-action Popeye.


In an effort for BMW to advertise its new i3 electric car, it’s comparing itself to the internet in this new Super Bowl ad, featuring former Today Show hosts Katy Couric and Bryant Gumbel.

The ad starts off in 1994 when Today Show hosts Couric and Gumbal ask what exactly the internet is. Fast forward to today and they’re asking the same questions about the BMW i3. What will the future hold?!

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