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Top 5 Smartphones to Consider Before Buying the iPhone 5s [June, 2014]



With an iPhone 6 still rumored for the fall, many consumers are tempted by the current iPhone 5s, a device that emerged last September. The iPhone 5s is still a very solid smartphone and one that smartphone shoppers need to consider. However, there are some devices that we think prospective buyers definitely need to weigh against the iPhone 5s before coming to a final decision.

In the months before its release, the iPhone 5s was rumored to be an interesting replacement for the iPhone 5. Rumors suggested that it would arrive with a number of powerful upgrades including a new camera, processor, and home button and sure enough, Apple’s brand new flagship delivered.

While the iPhone 5s utilized a design similar to the iPhone 5, it came with a number of improvements including a fingerprint sensor in the home button that Apple calls Touch ID, a brand new iSight camera, an A7 64-bit processor, a familiar 4-inch Retina Display, new colors including gold, and iOS 7.

The iPhone 5s is considered to be one of the top smartphones on the market thanks to its overall package of features. It doesn’t have many weaknesses. And because it’s considered one of the best smartphones available, many consumers have it on their smartphone shopping list for the month of June and beyond.

Over the last few months, we’ve heard from a number of friends, family and readers who are in need of smartphone advice. Most, not all, are interested in Apple’s iPhone 5s. Unfortunately, many of them don’t follow the smartphone market on a daily, weekly or even on a monthly basis so they’re not caught up other devices.

Many of you are probably asking the same question. So, in an effort to steer as many people as we can in the right direction, we want to take a look at the five devices that we think consumers need to heavily consider before buying the iPhone 5s.

Keep in mind, our list may differ from yours but these are the devices that Gotta Be Mobile editors have selected for recognition this month. We feel like they deliver the best, all-around package at the moment. This list will change from month to month as rumored devices get closer to announcement and announced devices get released.

HTC One M8

HTC One M8

HTC's all new HTC One M8 is just one smartphone that prospective iPhone 5s buyers should look at. And it's not just because the HTC One M8 can match the iPhone 5s' beautiful industrial design.

Last year's HTC One was one of the best smartphones ever. Period, end of story. And while the HTC One M8 had some pretty big shoes to fill, it filled them well. The new HTC One, like last year's model, is one of the best smartphones on the market and a device that all shoppers, not just iPhone 5s buyers, need to check out before buying.

In addition to its beautiful design, the HTC One M8 comes with a gorgeous full HD display, speedy processor, solid Ultrapixel camera, some of the best smartphone speakers in existence, and more. Like all of these smartphones, it offers a complete package to its users.

We can help point you in the right direction. Our iPhone 5s versus HTC One M8 buying guide is a great place to start but consumers would be smart to go hands before buying.

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