Top 5 Smartphones to Consider Before Buying the iPhone 5s [May, 2014]
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Top 5 Smartphones to Consider Before Buying the iPhone 5s [May, 2014]



HTC One M8

HTC One M8

HTC's all new HTC One M8 is another smartphone that prospective iPhone 5s buyers should look at. And it's not just because the HTC One M8 can match the iPhone 5s' beautiful industrial design either.

Last year's HTC One was one of the best smartphones ever. Period, end of story. And while the HTC One M8 had some pretty big shoes to fill, it filled them well. The new HTC One, like last year's model, is one of the best smartphones on the market and a device that shoppers need to check out before buying.

In addition to its beautiful design, the HTC One M8 comes with a gorgeous full HD display, speedy processor, solid Ultrapixel camera, some of the best smartphone speakers in existence, and more. Like all of these smartphones, it offers a complete package to its users.

Once again, we can help point you in the right direction. Our iPhone 5s versus HTC One M8 buying guide is a great place to start but consumers would be smart to go hands before buying.

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