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43 Fun and Addictive iPad Games (Video)



The iPad has hanged the way I play games thanks to a rich app catalog, incredible processing power and stunning visuals.

I no longer need to dominate the living room TV or carry a dedicated handheld system to play great games.

The iPad is no longer just for casual puzzle games and Angry Birds. There are great racing games, shooters and many, many other iPad games.

Even the most expensive iPad games don’t come close to the $59.99 that Xbox 360 games go for.

Watch my Top iPad games video below to discover my favorite iPad games.

Top 43 iPad Games

top ipad games - Games

Anomaly HD ($3.99)Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is an amazing reverse tower defense game that tasks players with saving earth. If you love tower defense games, you’ll love playing the other side in Anomaly HD.

NBA JAM HD ($4.99) – EA brings NBA JAM to the iPad, recreating the great gaming experience from Sega and Super Nintendo, complete with Boom ShakaLaka and Arcady gameplay.

Tiger Woods 2012 ($4.99) – Hit the links with Tiger Woods before he lost his game in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012. A fun game for golf fans, even those who don’t make it to the links in real life.

BackBreaker 2 Vengeance HD ($2.99) – BackBreaker 2 Vengeance HD is a fun football drills game that reminds me of the training exercises in Madden games. I love playing offense, attempting to score more points in a limited amount of time.

Infinity Blade ($0.99) – I don’t play Infinity Blade as much as the sequel, but it’s a fun distraction to go back to one of the defining iPad games.

Infinity Blade II ($6.99) – Infinity Blade II takes the hack and slash fun from the first game to a new level with more routes and enemies. I still tire of Infinity Blade after a long bout of battles, but I play in spurts.

Family Feud & Friends (Free) – I grew up playing Family Feud on my family’s old computer, so this is a fun game to play when I want to know what the survey says.

FancyPants ($0.99) – FancyPants is an awesome game of running, jumping, bouncing and sliding. FancyPants must rescue his sister from smelly pirates, which sends players through many levels. The game is full of extras and one of my most played.

Jetpack Joyride (Free) – I’m late to the Jetpack Joyride party, but this game is loads of fun as players side scroll through levels without losing Barry’s jetpack.

Draw Something ($0.99 or Free) I purchased the ad free version of Draw Something and love drawing horrible looking pictures for my friends. If you love Pictionary you need to check out this app.

Figure ($0.99)Figure is a super fun and easy to use app that lets you make music. While it’s not technically a game, users will find themselves trying to make the tune better just like they try to get all 3 stars on Angry Birds.

top ipad games - Shooters

Rage HD ($1.99) – Rage HD is a fun shoot-em up game thar looks great on the iPad. The post-apocalyptic, game show setting is a bit disturbing, but it’s basically Running Man for the iPad.

ShadowGun ($4.99) – ShadowGun is one of the best shooters for the iPad. On screen controls always take some getting used to, but this is one I can go back to again and again.

Grand Theft Auto 3 ($4.99) – GTA III is an all time favorite game, so it’s great to re-live my favorite Vice City moments on the iPad, anywhere I am.

Modern Combat 3 ($6.99) – Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3 is a take on the Call of Duty Modern Combat games on consoles, delivering fun and rich gameplay on the iPad. I don’t like that there’s o way to jump, but overall a fun game for shooter fans.

Sky Gamblers Air Supremecy ($4.99) – Sky Gamblers delivers fun dog fights and missions with good controls. I still call the game Crash, because I don’t fly so well, but until Crimson Skies for iPad is announced I’ll keep playing.

top ipad games - Strategy and Puzzle

Cut the Rope HD ($1.99) – Cut the Rope HD is an excellent puzzle game where timing is important and at times frustrating.

Fight Control HD ($4.99) – Flight Control HD was the first app I bought for the iPad, but it’s still a fun game to play when I feel the need to direct air traffic.

Risk HD ($6.99) – Risk HD brings the great board game to the iPad. There are clones, but I can’t bring myself to ditch the original Risk.

Crimson Steam Pirates (Free) – Crimson Steam Pirates puts players in charge of a fleet of ships decked out with cannons and lightning guns. Complete with Pass and Play mode for 2-players.

Harbor Master HD (Free) – Like Flight Control, Harbor Master tasks players with directing ships through a crowded harbor. Frantic fun for those who love this genre.

Traffic Rush ($0.99) –  Speed through traffic in Traffic Rush. The game is simple, but addictive.

Where’s My Water? ($0.99) – In Water? players must move water from one place to a shower past acid, drop offs, bombs, algae and more. Incredibly fun and worth more than a dollar.

Fruit Ninja HD ($2.99) – Fruit Ninja HD offers fruit slicing fun on the iPad. I love arcade mode and linking special power ups.

Angry Birds HD ($2.99) – Angry Birds HD is the first game that really hooked me on the iPad, and it’s as addictive as ever, even if I’m playing Angry Birds Space on my iPhone.

Scribblenauts Remix ($0.99) – Scribblenauts Remix is a fun puzzle game where users can add almost anything to the environment. Puzzles can be confusing, but that’s part of the fun.

Words With Friends HD (0.99) – Words With Friends HD is the best way to play this Scrabble-clone. Take on friends (and enemies) in this online word play extravaganza.

Angry Birds HD Seasons ($1.99) – Angry Birds Seasons is another installment of Angry Birds. If you love the series, pick this one up.

RagDoll 3 ($0.99) – Ragdoll 3 gives players a limited supply of ragdolls, cannons and a multitude of levels through which players fling the ragdolls. Super fun game with ragdoll physics.

Fibble HD ($4.99) – Fibble HD is a new game form Crytek that looks stunning and offers puzzle based levels which users must Fibble their way through.

top ipad games - Racing

Reckless Racing HD ($4.99) – Reckless Racing HD is a top down racing game that reminds me of one of my favorite monster truck racing games at the local arcade. Incredibly fun.

Zombie Highway ($0.99) – If I need to relieve some stress, Zombie Highway is where I go. The game is simple. Run over zombies on the highway.

Smash Cops ($) – Smash Cops is a fun game where players must smash the bad guys and avoid blowing up other cops. It’s short on levels, but still a good game.

Bike Baron ($0.99) – Bike Baron is my favorite Trials type game for the iPad. Once users finish the massive number of included levels, there is a whole world of user-created levels to play though.

Reckless Getaway ($0.99)Reckless Getaway is the most addicting game on my iPad. Players must escape from the cops, doing as much damage as possible without blowing up in this super fun game.

Real Racing 2 HD($6.99)Real Racing 2 HD is a realistic racer with upgrades, options and cool Air Play support to put the action on the big screen.

MotoHeroz ($0.99) – MotoHeroz is a Trials type game with many levels and plenty of upgrades. Unfortunately the upgrades are just slow enough that you’ll be tempted to buy the in-app upgrades.

Trial Extreme 2 ($1.99) – TrialX2 is yet another Trials type game that goes back to the bike basics. Fun levels that get more challenging as you progress.

top ipad games - Arcade

Tiny Wings ($0.99) – Tiny Wings is an addictive game that tasks players with sending their tiny winged bird across islands by timing dives and jumps.

Whale Trail ($0.99) – Whale Trail is similar to Tiny Wings, but instead of a bird you have a whale, and there are more items to collect.

Flick Homerun ($0.99) – Flick Homerun is surprisingly simple, but incredibly fun. Flick the bat to hit home runs. Swing for the fences to take out cars and windows.

Jump Pack (Free) – Jump Pack is similar to Doodle Jump, but players control a jetpack powered character trying to ascend a number of increasingly complicated levels.

Midway Arcade ($1.99)Midway Arcade offers arcade classics like Rampage, Spy Hunter, NARC, APB and others to iPad users. The basic game comes with 10 games, and extra games are available as in-app purchases.

These are my favorite iPad games. I generally stick to 4-5 games on a regular basis, but love that I can buy a variety of games without breaking the bank.

What are your favorite iPad games?



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    08/23/2012 at 12:14 pm

    I love the FlySmacker iPad app, i think its on iPhone too –

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