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Torrey Pines: Case Study of School Using Tablet PCs



TorreypinesHere is a link to a great case study of how one school, Torrey Pines, intergrated Tablet PCs into their curriculum. The goal was to work with Wolfram Research’s Mathematica 6.0 technical computing software for advanced students. Here is a brief excerpt:

James concurs: ““I was bombarded with the magnificent qualities of the Tablet PC’s special features, namely its functionality with the stylus. I found the computerized pen very efficient and the computer could easily decipher my horrendous handwriting. All in all, my collective adventures with my Tablet PC, whom I have named Hamlet, have enlightened me in the world of technology and allowed me to accomplish the unthinkable, the remarkable, and the extraordinary.”

Further, the description of collaboration methods is both informative and enlightening. And excellent read.

Thanks to Lora Heiny for sending this along.

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