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Toshiba Announces the R400 Wireless Dock ( UWB )



R400 Tablet PC Wireless DockWell, good things come to those who wait…and wait…and wait ( and have a lot of money ! ). Toshiba has finally announced the ultra-wideband ( UWB ) wireless dock  for the R400 Tablet PC, and it can be ordered for $500 from

According to this report at YahooNews!, the wireless docking station has a range of 3 feet, comes with 4 USB ports, a monitor port, an ethernet port, and an audio port. In addition, the UWB chips uses a frequency that is legal in the United States, but not in most of the world. Dennis covered the wireless docking station, in this InkShow video, when it was announced at CES.

Readers might remember our report that previously owned R400 Tablet PCs would not be compatible with the wireless docking station. Here are the R400 model numbers that are compatible with the new wireless docking station.

  • R400—S4834: $3079
  • R400—S4835: $3149
  • R400—S4933: $3699

Via YahooNews! and MSNBC

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