Toshiba Cancels Windows RT Plans Citing Component Shortages
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Toshiba Cancels Windows RT Plans Citing Component Shortages



After having shown off some hardware based on Microsoft’s ARM-based Windows RT operating system, hardware partner Toshiba has announced that it would not release any devices based on the lower-powered, lower-cost architecture and instead plans on focusing on developing machines (laptops, desktops, and tablets) based on Windows 8.

Windows RT is a stripped down version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system that’s specifically designed to run on chipset architecture designed by ARM Holdings. Toshiba’s models would utilize chips made by Texas Instruments.

Toshiba_logo_3It’s unclear what components are in short supply or if Toshiba’s move has been dueled by other motives. Component manufacturer Texas Instruments has been pressured by shareholders to exit the ARM chipset market–it manufactures chips and brands them under the OMAP lineup. Additionally, Microsoft is rumored to release its highly anticipated Surface tablet at a $200 price point, which would make it hard for other OEMs to compete with; Microsoft has not commented on the speculated $200 price of the Surface tablet.

According to a Toshiba spokesperson speaking to Businessweek, the company may release a Windows RT product in the future:

Toshiba has decided not to introduce Windows RT models due to delayed components that would make a timely launch impossible. For the time being, Toshiba will focus on bringing Windows 8 products to market. We will continue to look into the possibility of Windows RT products in the future while monitoring market conditions.

Microsoft had recent reaffirmed that OEM hardware partners Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung are committed to releasing machines based on Windows RT.

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