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Toshiba Cuts the "Crapware"



Yesterday, I had an interview with Toshiba’s Kevin Roberts, the Product Manager for the M700 Tablet PC. We talked about some changes they have been implementing to make their business-class computers as efficient as possible. One of the big things they’ve done is to remove all the trialware that used to come pre-installed on their business-class computers, what we lovingly call “crapware”. For those of you who have used the M200, M400, etc, you know how much stuff Toshiba threw in there.

Although he didn’t have actual comparison numbers between a clean machine and trailware based machine, he did tell me that as a result of creating an image with no trialware, they have seen double-digit drops in the number of processes between the two, thus resulting in a cleaner, more efficient running computer. This is a great thing for small businesses, as they typically don’t have the IT resources to create custom clean installs. Great move, Toshiba! This makes the M700 Tablet PC all that more enticing.

This change is being implemented in the Satellite Pro, Portege, and Tecra line of computers.


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