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Toshiba is Paying Attention – Touch is Now an Option on M700 Build-To-Order



Toshiba M700 Touch Pen I just got off the phone with Kevin Roberts, Toshiba’s Product Manager for the M700 Tablet PC. He called to tell me they had noticed that I, and many others, had canceled our M700 customized orders because we thought we we had ordered an M700 with Touch + Active Digitizer, when in fact we were just ordering the Active Digitizer option only. Needless to say, a lot of folks, including yours truly, were confused, and Kevin apologized on behalf of Toshiba for not making it clearer.

Toshiba has now corrected the “build-to-order” page and have clearly indicated that touch is an optional upgrade for $50. Kevin also updated me on shipping times for the various configurations:

  • Active Digitizer only configurations will ship in two weeks to three weeks
  • Active Digitizer + Touch configurations will begin shipping in mid-January

I’ll be placing my order again this weekend – thanks for correcting this, Toshiba.

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