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Toshiba M200 Video Drivers For Vista



There are several updated NVidia drivers for the Toshiba M200 Tablet PC and Vista floating around the net and all kinds of conflicting info on what works and what doesn’t. Remember Toshiba itself is not supporting the M200 with new drivers for Vista. When I installed Vista RTM on my M200 it wouldn’t detect the video card and would only install a generic VGA driver. I checked around and found these drivers at the Guru of 3D. (ForceWare 97.19). They work with some issues. You have to force the install (Vista still wants you to keep the standard VGA driver.)

But the good news is that I now have rotation through the Mobility Center which I didn’t have before. Also, on returning from Suspend or Hibernate, the screen will come back to life, which was not the case before. Not only that but the grayed out Sleep command (Start Menu) is now active. Rotation only works from the Mobility Center and it may work if I install some Toshiba utilities that I haven’t had time to experiment with as of yet.

Again, I’m sure we’ll continue to see more drivers appearing in the next several months, but this is a nice stop gap for getting some functionality back on my legacy Tablet PC.

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