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Toshiba M400 Inkshow Review



M400I got my first good look at the Toshiba M400 convertible Tablet PC in January at CES in Las Vegas.  At that time, it had not been officially released.  There was quite the clamor to get information on the machine.  Rob and I had a chance to spend sopme time playing with it, and even demoing it to people at the Toshiba booth, since there was very little knowledge about tablet PC’s in general there.  To be honest, I had forgotten what a nice experience it was until I got my hands on one for a while that I could really put through it’s paces.  This is a great piece of hardware folks.  It has all the good things that I have enjoyed in my M200 for 2 1/2 years now, plus all the updated goodies like a Core Duo processor.

In this InkShow review, I spent a lot of time going over the details of the machine itself, plus did some comparison to my M200, which has been my primary Tablet PC for a while.  What did I find?  Check out the InkShow to find out!  :-)

Once again our special thanks go out to Mr. John Hill at Allegiance Technology Partners for providing the hardware. Please check out their site for all your Tablet and Ultra Mobile PC needs. We need them to continue to send us hardware for review, and your patronage will help that! They also offer a 48 hour Tablet PC demo for only the cost of the freight!  Great for making that final tablet purchase decision.

Starting price: $1,899 (Core Solo Processor), with many accessories including internal optical drive. Configured price on this evaluation unit: $2,163.99.

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