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Toshiba M700 Tablet PC – 3D Modeling



Last night I was working on my X61 doing some work and decided to move over to the M700 to give it a try.  This is just a really quick demo of using the M700 to do some 3D GIS work.  In the demo, I take a raster image with elevations, convert it to a 3D set of triangles (I call them polygons in the video), open up the 3D display and overlay some aerial photos.

This will show you a couple of things – the speed of the processors making almost 400,000 triangles from elevation data and the ability for the M700 to display and process the 3D rotation and display.

It really did a nice job – I am comparing it to my x61 (not totally fair I know processor wise) and it is a LOT faster for this type of work.  I use my x61 every day for this exact type of work, but now I am really wanting this M700 after last night…  wonder how bad I’ll want this by the end of the week!!  Maybe I’ll just keep it :)

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