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Toshiba M700 Tablet PC User Review



In addition to Matt’s Toshiba M700 Unboxing video, GoodThings2Life, a GBM Forum Member, has posted his own review of the M700 Tablet PC.

There is nothing like a true end-user review. Looking forward to reading more, GoodThings2Life!

I’ve been using a Portege M400 Tablet PC at work since I started in May, and although I liked it well enough as a Tablet PC, there were some things about it that didn’t sit well with me. For example, the fan would run constantly (and loudly), and it had lousy battery life as a result. All of the known fixes from Toshiba (and some other forums) didn’t resolve it, so I was stuck with it. Also, as much as I like high-resolution displays on a desktop monitor, the 1450×1050 resolution of the M400 was too high for the 12.1" screen profile. I found myself squinting to read everything. There were a few other minor things, but they’re not really sticking out in my mind right now.

Fortunately, Toshiba released the M700 in December to remedy the issues of the M400. Customer Service needed a Tablet PC for testing purposes, so I handed down my M400 to them for that purpose in favor of the M700 that we ordered. It may seem a little unfair that I get a new PC after being here less than a year, but remember– I actually use my Tablet PC on a daily basis for work, and Customer Service will only be using it occasionally for testing and demonstrations.

Anyway, the M700 arrived yesterday morning, and I have to say– I am VERY, VERY impressed with it! Here’s a look at why:

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