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Toshiba Portégé M780 Tablet PC gets official with i7 and [NOT] multi-touch



Toshiba’s refresh to their Portégé M700 line of Tablet PCs just got official and the specs are hotter than previously seen with an option for Intel Core i7 processor and multi-touch confirmed. This puts the Toshiba Portégé M780 near the top of my upgrade short list [well, maybe not anymore].

Details on the digitizer are scarce, but it appears to use the same pen as before, meaning it is Wacom Penabled. Mention of multi-touch is fleeting but stated directly in the features list.

Zoom in with a two-finger pinch, move files with a one-finger drag-and-drop, and do many other things with greater ease.

Correction 2/23 9:20PM EST: We’ve been informed that the M780 does not support multi-touch. Mention of two-finger pinch in the product features has been removed and replaced with this.

Tablet Touch Screen: Tap open files, drag documents to folders, or draw across the screen—all with just a touch of your fingers.

Yes, that still reads fingers, plural, but no, it’s not multi-touch. End correction.

Processor options span the new Intel Core range from i3 starting at $1279 to i7 starting at $1799. All feature a 12.1″ widescreen display at 1280×800 with LED backlight for indoor/outdoor viewability, integrated Intel HD Graphics, 802.11a/g/n, and pen + touch input. Other options, like Bluetooth and optical drive, bump the price accordingly, but the i7 model appears to be packed with everything at that $1799 price.

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  1. Peter Norman

    02/23/2010 at 6:26 pm

    I bought the Portege M700 in January 2008 and have been using it as my main office machine ever since.

    In my opinion, there is NOTHING about this device to recommend it. I purchased it without EVER using one. Stupid mistake? Perhaps, but I had never used a Motion Computing LE1600 before purchasing it in spring 2005 and I have recommended that device far and wide ever since; my only complaint about the LE1600 is it’s poor Wifi reception though web research provides several simple replacement cards with improved range.

    Anyway, the M700:
    – has the WORST keyboard I’ve ever used: 1) Left Shift key same size as Fn key
    – has the WORST keyboard I’ve ever used: 2) amount of flex is astonishing
    – is the noisiest laptop I’ve EVER used (fan NEVER shuts up)
    – has the sort of driver support that has given Windows a bad name since win ME
    – exhibits shocking parallax; no amount of calibration helps
    – is so thick as to prevent comfortable use as a tablet
    – has poor viewing angles in tablet orientation
    – trackpad is not reliable: too long to respond to swipes so you have to repeat

    In the successive updates to the 700 line I’ve seen no improvements to the M700 experience worth mentioning. I’ve used Win XP, Vista and now Windows 7 on the M700 – no noticeable improvement in driver support with Windows 7, sadly – though that may be due to the age of the device.

    I’d consider the current Motion J3400 if it had a multitouch screen; convertible tablets make for well-rounded machines but multitouch plus pen on a slate might give the convertible a run for its money, though its more fun to imagine the user experience demonstrated in the Microsoft Courier concept videos from Fall 2009.

    Instead of the M780, I’m waiting for the new Lenovo X201 Tablet to appear in my rep’s Canadian order system: lighter, thinner and almost all the points above are demonstrably better on the X200 line – with the exception of the trackpad, which only makes it to the party on the X201 tablet.

  2. Sumocat

    02/23/2010 at 8:26 pm

    Correction: Sorry, no multi-touch on this one.

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