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Toshiba Tablet PC Virtual “Symposium” – Mark your calendar!



If you are an IT professional still struggling with the why’s and how-to’s of implementing Tablet PC’s into your IT strategy, here is an event for you.  Toshiba is combining with Ziff-Davis and Microsoft to tell you all about it, and the fact that Frank Gocinski (The Godfather of Tablet PC) is one of the speakers makes it worth seeing in my book!  Here is their blurb explaining the virtual online event:

“On May 24, 2006, editors of Ziff Davis Media eSeminars and a panel of industry experts, along with Toshiba and Microsoft, will join forces to exhibit why the Tablet PC is such a welcomed and necessary addition to any company to increase efficiency and improve business productivity. This live, highly interactive, one-day Virtual Symposium dedicated to the indispensability of the Tablet PC, is an exclusive partnership that will bring together industry experts, business and technology strategists, and practice leaders from the world’s leading consultancies to assist you in the implementation of the Tablet PC into your IT strategy.”

The program also lists some “virtual booths”, which I will assume will have info on Tablet PC hardware and software.  I have this on my calendar and will “attend” unless something gets in the way.  Put it on your calendar also, and share what you see here at GBM!  To register, go to this page.

Oh, and by the way Frank, “WHERE ARE THOSE BLOG POSTS YOU PROMISED ME?”  :-)

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