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Toshiba’s Customer Service Earns An F From Better Business Bureau



Ouch! Ouch as in the report hurts. But I wish I could say it is a surprise. The Better Business Bureau has given Toshiba (or Toshiba America Information Services rather) an F for Customer Service.


You can read the report here.

I’ve heard, and I’ve chronicled, numerous stories from Toshiba customers in the past. Although it is more normal to hear about complaints than satisfaction, I’ve also tried to report when someone does have a good experience. Although, even with the above caveat, those stories are harder to find.

Why am I posting this very negative story, and thus helping spread it around? One very important reason. I like Toshiba’s products and don’t like to see them shoot themselves in the foot with their own stupid gun. I applaud their design and their efforts to establish Tablet PCs across their line of mobile computers. But no matter how good a machine they make, their customer service long ago left me not willing to enthusiastically recommend their products to anyone other than the very technically inclined.  There have been numerous letters, blog post, forum threads, and podcast warnings fired across Toshiba’s bow before. To no avail. Perhaps this BBB report will finally carry some weight with the higher ups at Toshiba. Perhaps we’ll see a turnaround. Companies ignore their customers’ support needs at their own peril. Witness Dell’s recent comeuppance. Further, companies ignore those who want to evangelize their products at an even greater peril. 

Hope you’re listening this time, Toshiba.

Via Eric Mack

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