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Toshiba’s New Core 2 Duo R25 Tablet PC Now at Circuit City



R25circuitcityGBM reader John Cherekijan sends word that Toshiba’s new Core 2 Duo Tablet PC, the R25–S3513 can now be had on-line from Circuit City for $1499 (which is the same price as the earlier Satellite models Circuit City carried.) Interesting news. The Core 2 Duo packs a bit more punch, but the earlier models (Core Duo) can now be had on Toshiba’s site starting at $1,259.  And curiously, the R25 isn’t available on Toshiba Direct just yet. (Can you say clearing out inventory?) If you’re interested in this larger size Tablet PC and have an eye on Vista, this is a tough price to beat.

If you, like me, find it hard to keep up with the difference (the biggest one is 64 bit support) between Core Duo and Core 2 Duo processors, you might want to check out this CNET UK article.


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