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Toshiba’s Super Charge Batteries



scib What are you waiting for Toshiba. Let’s get a move on. One of the lagging areas of innovation in mobile computing is the manufacture of batteries. We haven’t seen any real advances in the technology behind them, even though we slowly but surely keep creeping up in the area of battery life.

Well, it looks like Toshiba might be holding out on us. Apparently they have a ‘Super Charge’ laptop battery that can charge up to 90% in less than 10 minutes. These batteries apparently also have an amazing lifespan. Current lithium-ion batteries have a 500 cycle lifespan. These babies can withstand 5000-6000 charges.

Toshiba has been using these in industrial applications previously, and is now showing them off as a prototype notebook battery at CEATEC.

No word on when, if, how much, how long, etc

Via Gizmodo and PCWorld

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