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Touch and Tablet PC Showroom



So I really can’t tell you much about this showroom as it’s in French and I can’t hear any sound in the video, but boy is there some cool stuff in the showroom!  Lots of touch and pen interaction going on!!  Check it out, it’s worth it even without the sound or being able to read it :)

UPDATE – Google Translate is your friend:

Three types of interactive activities designed by MOONDA EVENT:
– The Tactile Display cases which were retro-projected plans of the various meeting spaces,
– Photo Kiosks Pinboard: guests can be photographed and then customize their image on the touch screen of the terminal. Their souvenir photo was then printed on the spot (all photos were broadcast on a plasma screen in the form of lively gallery)
– The virtual animation dedication: all participants were invited to sign or give their impressions on a tablet PC. Each entry was then projected onto a large screen to ultimately form a word.

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