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Touch and Windows 7



Reed Townsend, Dave Matthews, and Ian LeGrow have put up a post on the Engineering Windows 7 Blog about all things Touch in Windows 7. It is definitely worth a read.

Windows Touch is designed to enhance how you interact with a PC. For those of us that have been living and breathing touch for the last two years we’re excited to be able to deliver the capability to people using Windows 7. In this blog we’re going to talk about what we’ve done to make Windows touchable. We approached this from a number of different directions: key improvements to the core Windows UI, optimizing for touch in key experiences, working with hardware partners to provide robust and reliable touch PCs, and providing a multitouch platform for applications.

The team covers not what they’ve done but some of the thinking behind it which I find very informative. Of course the Touch enhancements added into Windows 7 are going to mean absolutely nothing unless we have hardware (read digitizers) that can take advantage of them, especially on smaller devices.   Check out the post here and a brief video after the jump.

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