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TouchFire Aims to Make Typing Easier on the iPad 2



Typing on touch screens is something that you either love or hate. Lots of sweat and energy go into developing new methods of getting info into our small mobile devices. On screen keyboards work for some and not for others. Some are looking at Apple’s Siri as a way to avoid keyboard entry. Certainly Swype is more than a fad with Android users.

But we just can’t seem to break away from that desire to put our fingers on a keyboard. In fact, I’d call it more than a desire for many of us. It’s something that is deeply ingrained in our relationship with our devices.

Perhaps the folks behind TouchFire have found a solution for the iPad 2. The TouchFire keyboard is a thin silicon rubber keyboard overlay that uses the magnets built into the iPad 2 to fit onto the screen and give you some tactile feedback when typing. This product is still in development and has been funded well on KickStarter. It even works well with the iPad 2 Smart Cover.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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