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Touchscreen iMacs Now Shipping



20No, they’re not from Apple. Troll Touch, a Southern California company, has announced that they’re shipping touchscreen iMacs. You have the option of buying it already updated or sending them your existing iMac and having them do the upgrade after the fact. System prices for the new iMacs are of course not cheap, starting at $2299 for a 20 inch, 2.0 GHz with touchscreen. You get a major discount if you provide the iMac for modification, obviously. They are also offering the 24" iMacs in the touch version. Apparently the technology "just works."

In related news, the ModBook also appears to be shipping now, although the website is a bit vague and no one seems have ever seen one in the wild.

So, if you are a die-hard Mac fan, it appears that you can satisfy both your desktop and portable touch/pen computing needs now, albeit through third party vendors. The big, unanswered question is still – when will Apple join the party?

Via Engadget

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