Toward a Better Tablet OS Article Leaves Me Wanting

slatenogoodDevin Coldewey has penned a two part series on what he thinks would make a better Tablet OS. His first part was written before the iPad was revealed and part two looks at his recommendations post iPad announcement. The entire epistle would have been better titled towards a better touch OS than Tablet.  Coldeway has some excellent points to make about touch on these devices and how it needs to be implemented within the OS. That said, we’ve heard what I’m about to say many times before. Coldeway forgets that sooner or later humans need to input data into the device. He’s not sold on the iPad from his perspective, and he takes apart the HP Slate (that no one has ever really seen yet) as well.

My point in posting this is a simple one. Come late summer or early fall I’m predicting that we’ll start to see posts and articles appearing that begin to focus on the lack of input methods on the supposed slew of Tablets we are going to see.