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Town Without Power: Mobile Tech to the Rescue Sorta.



Cue Gene Pitney.

I arrived at work this morning to discover that the town where our theatre resides was completely blacked out. A truck had hit a utility pole and that caused a cascading series of exploding transformers. We didn’t have much on our agenda this morning but we did need to get some work done on a few fronts. Given that I’m one of a few in the office with a mobile solution, we were able to get some of that work done, however, without power we couldn’t email out the information and given that EVDO still hasn’t reached our little town in the boonies we were sort of stuck.

Until I jumped in the car, drove about 2 miles down the road, where EVDO is available, hooked up my Tablet PC to my PPC 6700 and sent the emails. A bit of a round about way to solving the problem, but we got it done.

Of course five minutes after getting back to the office, the power was restored.

The lesson here, of course, is that all the mobile tech in the world can’t help you if you can get connected to the outside world.

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