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Toyota Fun-Vii Brings a Giant Touchscreen To Your Car Door (Video)



If you wish you could control the color and look of your car as easily as you swap out a new wallpaper on your iPhone, you better start saving up for the new Toyota Concept car that has a gigantic touch screen on the outside of the vehicle.

This touchscreen allows you to change your color, add graphics and control your car on the fly — almost like you were customizing a new car in Forza or Need 4 Speed.

You can see a demo of the new Toyota touchscreen concept car — called the Fun-Vii as it was unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show. Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toshiba describes the new car as a, “smartphone on four wheels.”

The Fun-Vii is not on the way to your local dealership yet, but Toyota is exploring new ways of incorporating touchscreens into vehicles. The car not only allows you to change your paint on the fly, but allows you to have a live paintjob that puts live wallpapers on Android to shame. Though I’m not sure if the U.S. government or local police would be OK with moving paintjobs on the streets.

On top of changing the look of your car, you can open your car door with a touch, and get a personalized greeting when you approach your car. Based on the name shown in the demo, I can only assume that I can pick up the car for a spin the next time I am in Tokyo.

Toyota Fun-Vii

Details are still scarce, but the car will connect to your smartphone to help you find friends and more. There will also reportedly be additional connectivity options including blind spot detection.

There’s no current word on when, or if, the Toyota Fun-Vii will go into production, but I know there are many touchscreen lovers and car tuners who will enjoy similar technology.

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