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Track Holiday Gifts With Slice to Stay Sane While Last-Minute Shopping



Last-minute holiday shopping is stressful, but you don’t need to go crazy tracking gifts from a dozen online retailers with the free iPhone and Android app Slice. If you haven’t already signed up for Slice that’s fine, the service starts tracking the orders you already made in minutes.

Slice is a cool service that connects to your Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, Hotmail and iCloud to import and track holiday purchases. Slice connects to your inbox to scan for purchases and shipping information, automatically organizing your last-minute gifts into Pending, Shipped and Delivered.

After signing up, users can log in to the Slice website or the Slice app for iPhone or Android to see where all of their holiday shipments are, without doing any additional work. It’s pretty impressive to see Slice find all the pending shipments, even those made before signing up for the service.

Slice Last Minute holiday shopping sanity

Track holiday gifts with Slice on iPhone and Android.

In the image above we’re tracking last-minute Christmas gifts from Zagg and Speck. We didn’t need to enter the tracking information into Slice, it just showed up after the retailers sent the info along. Slice lets users see where each package is and supports push notifications to alert users when the package is Out for delivery and delivered.

If you’re shipping packages to others, Slice makes it possible to share a shipment with the recipient, with a gift box instead of the actual item. This is an easy way to share holiday shipments going straight to the recipient.The video below gives an overview of Slice for iPhone and Android.

Slice also makes it possible to look up receipts and view purchase history. The web app is perfect for checking up on how much you spent during the holiday shopping season and tracking down receipts for online returns.

For GMail and Yahoo, Slice doesn’t store passwords, but for other services it will keep them in a separate encrypted database. Slice doesn’t make changes to your inbox, just scans and adds purchases and shipments to the Slice service.

Slice for iPhone and Slice for Android are available free in iTunes and Google Play. It’s also available online.

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