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Tracking Down that Lost Gadget Can Be… Um… Potentially Dangerous



s320x240We’ve seen similar technologies to Apple’s Find My iPhone in other mobile devices before, so the inclusion of it in the 3.0 OS is nothing new as far as technology goes. If you have a MobileMe account, you can switch it on, and if you have Push notifications on, you can track down the location of a lost iPhone, to a degree. I tried this on my iPhone and it pointed me to about 2 blocks away from my house, so I’m guessing all sorts of things cause mileage to vary.

There is also a remote wipe feature that will let you get rid of the data if your phone is lost or stolen. Apparently remote wipe is a big feature in corporate and Enterprise markets. I guess folks must lose devices far too often.

Well, Kevin of The Intermittent Kevin not only lost his iPhone but he and a couple of friends spend some time tracking it down and he’s written all about it. I’m not sure I’d strap on my crime busters gear and go chasing down my iPhone or any other gadget quite this way, but to each his own.

In any regard, Kevin’s story makes for an entertaining read.

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