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Trade in Your iPhone for the iPhone 5S Today for Up to $476



The iPhone 5S announcement is still weeks away, but now is the best time to trade-in an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 for the iPhone 5S.

Gadget trade-in services are paying top dollar for old iPhones and allowing users to lock in prices for as long as 50 days.

This lets current iPhone owners who plan to buy an iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C lock in the highest prices before a new announcement pushes the prices down, and still use their iPhone until the iPhone 5S release date rolls around later next month. Rumors point to an iPhone 5s release on September 20th.

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Even if you are thinking about selling your iPhone on Craigslist or eBay it is a good idea to lock in a price at one of these services in case the third-party sales prices drop considerably or you decide the average eBay and Craigslist selling prices for old iPhones aren’t worth the hassles involved.

Here are the best iPhone trade-in values for users who plan to buy the iPhone 5S in September.

Here are the best iPhone trade-in values for users who plan to buy the iPhone 5S in September.

Most iPhone trade-in services will provide a prepaid shipping label and some will even send a box, so selling your old iPhone for cash to pay for an iPhone 5S is something you can do without leaving home. All of the services allow users to lock in a trade-in price without obligation, so even if you aren’t positive you will trade-in your old iPhone, it’s a good idea to lock in.

Best iPhone Trade-In Prices Towards the iPhone 5S

Users who lock in an iPhone trade-in towards the iPhone 5S today on NextWorth can keep their old iPhone until September 28th, and those who use Gazelle can keep their iPhone until October 15th. This leaves plenty of time to make sure the new iPhone is in stock before losing out on cash.

We are still seeing iPhone trade-in deals of up to $476 for the iPhone 5, and deals for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that can pay for most, if not all of the iPhone 5S on contract price. The highest value trade-in deals come from Amazon and GameStop where users get store credit, but most other offers pay by check or PayPal.

The iPhone trade-in prices continue to fluctuate, but data suggests they will start to drop in the next two weeks and then dramatically after the iPhone 5 announcement. The chart below from Gazelle highlights what happens to iPhone trade-in prices after the Apple announcement.

iPhone trade-in prices decline as we approach the iPhone announcement date.

iPhone trade-in prices decline as we approach the iPhone announcement date.

Here are the best trade-in prices for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. Users can trade-in older phones like the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G, but these older devices are worth less and users can generally get a better deal selling on their own to someone who wants to use it with a pre-paid service like Straight Talk or Red Pocket Mobile.

These iPhone trade-in prices represent the highest offers which are for an AT&T model in great condition. Prices will vary by carrier and condition.


  • iPhone 4 up to – $135
  • iPhone 4S up to – $220
  • iPhone 5 up to – $350


  • Phone 4 up to – $135
  • iPhone 4S up to – $245
  • iPhone 5 up to – $410


  • iPhone 4 up to – $174
  • iPhone 4S up to – $270
  • iPhone 5 up to – $410


  • iPhone 4 up to – $175 Store Credit
  • iPhone 4S up to – $300 Store Credit
  • iPhone 5 up to – $421.25 Store Credit


  • iPhone 4 up to – $212 Store Credit / $169 Cash
  • iPhone 4S up to – $280 Store Credit / $224 Cash
  • iPhone 5 up to – $476 Store Credit / $380 Cash


  • iPhone 4 up to – $161 Store Credit
  • iPhone 4S up to – $241 Store Credit
  • iPhone 5 up to – $406 Store Credit

NextWorth and Gazelle let users lock in a price for 30 and 50 days respectively while Amazon is only a 7 day price lock. Glyde offers a sell it for you service that handles most of the selling process. Users must take the iPhone with trade-in print out to GameStop and the price is only valid today. Apple prices are for a gift card and must be sent in soon after locking in the price.

Apple is reportedly launching an iPhone trade-in program in store in September which could deliver different prices than the recycling offers listed above.

If you want to lock in today, pick NextWorth or Gazelle if you cannot be without your iPhone.

How to Trade-In Your Old iPhone for Cash or Credit

Here’ a video we made last year explaining the iPhone trade-in process, which is still spot on with how the process works today.

Why Trading In is a Good Idea

Many users trade-in their old iPhone every year, even if that means trading in the iPhone 5 for the iPhone 5S. With this strategy users can pay just a little more than a contract price to get the new iPhone.

While I normally trade-in to Amazon and use the credit for video games and other gadgets, this year I am giving my iPhone 5 to my mother who is fed up with her cheap Android phone.

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1 Comment

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