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Transformer Prime Review Round-Up



Those eager to snatch their hands on the world’s first quad-core Tegra 3 tablet won’t have to wait much further and reviews for Asus’s Eee Pad Transformer Prime are starting to go live on various websites to hold eager hopefuls over until the release date. Though the base price for this year’s second-generation release has gone up by a margin of about $100 compared to the original, the good news is that the Transformer Prime has enough of a make-over internally and externally to justify the price tag. With a sleek, slim, and light all-metal design, the Transformer Prime is made to feel solid and nice, and that’s a sentiment that we’ve been hearing on most blogs. Additionally, the optional $150 laptop keyboard dock doubles the battery life and adds a full SD and USB port for additional expansion.

The tablet starts at $500 and will begin to go on sale starting December 8. That base price will net you 32 GB of on-board storage versus last year’s ~$400 for 16 GB. At $600, users can pick up a WiFi-only version with 64 GB of storage. Asus hasn’t made any announcements for 3G/4G versions of its tablets for the U.S. market right now.

As with last year’s Transformer and laptop dock combo, this year’s model is still top heavy so open up the lid too far while you’re docked into the laptop form factor and the top-heavy tablet lid will cause your ‘laptop’ to fall backwards and topple over.

That said, performance, battery life, build quality and design were all features that were lauded in all the reviews I’ve read so far.

Check out some of the popular reviews by clicking on the links below:






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