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Travel Tech and In Flight WiFi Usage Trends [Infographic]



When you have to grab your gear and hit the road, what do you take? When you fly are you using the in-flight WiFi service?

I’m not your average traveler, normally carrying two notebooks, at least one tablet and a smartphone when I fly, but based on this infographic from GoGo, the in flight WiFi provider, I’m not the only one who travels with a tablet and a notebook.

Of those surveyed, only 21% used their tablet in flight and left the notebook at home. This boils down to what you need to do.

Even an iPad with a keyboard can’t compete with the MacBook air for productivity, but if you’re traveling for pleasure the iPad can handle email, magazines, movies and Skype — which is about all you need.

Travel Tech and In flight WiFi Infographic

Travel Tech and In flight WiFi Infographic from GoGo

When logging on in the air, GoGo shares some interesting statistics. iOS devices make up 78% of the GoGo Mobile usage, which could be tied to iOS users’ willingness to pay for things.

When you log on in the air it’s likely that you’re mixing business and pleasure, especially if you’re paying with your corporate account. Who can blame you, the airplane used to be a place you could unplug from work, but not anymore.

In the friendly blue skies smartphones are more likely to be used than tablets, which isn’t surprising. Another easy to believe result is the incredibly higher use of the iPad over Android tablets.

Does this infographic reflect your in-flight WiFi and travel tech usage well? Sadly all my flights from the midwest are expensive and without WiFi.

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