TreeGloo Nexus 7 Case Review

The Nexus 7 lends itself well to moleskin style cases like the TreeGloo Nexus 7 case.

This handmade case combines a soft faux-leather, wood and book cloth to offer a premium case experience not found at Amazon or on Best Buy shelves.

TreeGloo boasts a low waste hand-made design process which uses solid hardwoods, traditional woodworking techniques and a hand staining process.

This style of case is not unique to TreeGloo or the Nexus 7, but the TreeGloo Nexus 7 case does a lot of things right.

The TreeGloo case starts at $34.95 with a variety of options and color choices. The TreeGloo Nexus 7 case reviewed features an ebony frame, orange book cloth liner and the kinetic latch which turns the case into a stand. These options increase the cost to $64.95.

TreeGloo Nexus 7 Case Review - open

Moleskin or book-style cases like the TreeGloo Nexus 7 case are great for small tablets.

The TreeGloo Nexus 7 case features great build quality, and feels great. The faux-leather finish is soft, and doesn’t have the cheap feel which some fake leather finishes do. The leather wraps around the corners in a neat manner, where it is met with the cloth or paper liner.

There is a distinct spine to the case, which stays stiff when folding the front cover behind. When placed on a table with the cover folded behind, the Nexus 7 is in a suitable position for typing.

TreeGloo Nexus 7 Case Review - folded back

WHen folded back the latch keeps the cover in place or sits to teh front for typing.

The front cover feels solid and only flexes with significant force. So long as you don’t try to bend the cover it should hold up well over time. The front cover includes a magnet to wake and sleep the Nexus 7 automatically. This is a nice touch, especially due to the recessed power button.

TreeGloo Nexus 7 Case Review - buttons

Access to the power and volume buttons.

The case includes a cutout on the right side for access to the power and volume buttons. Thanks to the angle of the opening it is easy to slide a finger in and hit the buttons.

The interior of the case comes with a number of options, including the orange book cloth on our review unit. This cloth is a nice touch and feels nicer than the paper used in some cases. It’s up to you whether this $10 upgrade is worth the price since it ads no functionality.

TreeGloo Nexus 7 Case Review - landscape dock

The Kinetic Latch holds the case in landscape mode.

I highly recommend upgrading to the Kinetic Latch. This $15 option adds a magnet latch that flips back to hold the case open and pulls out to keep the case propped up in landscape mode. Users who plan to watch movies, participate in Google Hangouts or use a bluetooth keyboard with the Nexus 7 will love this option. The landscape mode is sturdy enough to tap and interact with the Nexus 7, but it will move slightly on smooth surfaces.

Four small pieces of rubber in the corners of the frame keep the Nexus 7 in place. When seated properly the Nexus 7 is flush with the hardwood case. I can turn the case over and shake it upside down without the Nexus 7 falling out.

TreeGlooNexus 7 Case rubber

Rubber pieces in each corner hold the Nexus 7 firmly in place.

The TreeGloo Nexus 7 case is one of my favorite cases, and the notebook style fits the small size of the Nexus 7 better than larger tablets. While in the case the Nexus 7’s size is roughly twice as thick, but it’s an adequate trade off for the protection, looks and usefulness of the TreeGloo case with a Kinetic Latch.

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The TreeGloo Nexus 7 case is a much better deal than the official Nexus 7 case. The case retails for $34.95 and ships in 5-10 days. There are mulitple wood options, 10 outer color choices and 19 liner color options. The classic liner option includes a choice of 8 different maps instead of a solid cover.