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Trivia Crack Answers & Cheats



We’ll show you how to find Trivia Crack answers so that you can increase your chances of winning, Trivia Crack cheats to use when you don’t know the answer and tips to help you beat your competition without using up the in-game items or paying for in-app purchases.

Trivia Crack is an insanely fun game that lets you test your trivia knowledge against friends and strangers on Facebook, the iPhone or iPad and Android devices. Trivia Crack is free with ads and in-app purchases so you can try it out without spending any money.

If you find yourself missing too many Trivia Crack questions, you can use these tips, Trivia Crack answers and yes cheats to find the right answer before time runs out. Just watch out, if you start playing too good, your friends might wonder how you keep beating them when answering obscure Trivia Crack questions.

Win at Trivia Crack with this list of Trivia Crack Answers and cheats.

Win at Trivia Crack with this list of Trivia Crack Answers and cheats.

Here is your complete guide to winning at Trivia Crack on iPhone, iPad, Android or Facebook.

Trivia Crack Answers

To win, you need to know the Trivia Crack answers. There are two ways you can do this without playing through multiple games and losing. You’ll need to learn the Trivia Crack answers for either of these to work, since there isn’t enough time to use either of these options to research Trivia Crack questions while you are playing a real game against friends.

Trivia Crack Answers Database

Use this listing of Trivia Crack answers to win.

Use this listing of Trivia Crack answers to win.

You don’t need to play for hours to learn the Trivia Crack answers that will help you beat friends. You can look up the answers to many Trivia Crack questions online. You can research a specific question or search through categories. If you want to improve in a category, this is much better than simply searching for the answer to a question.

You can familiarize yourself with the Trivia Crack questions and answers before you see the question in-game. You can go to Trivia Crack Answers to search by your question or to see popular questions and answers sorted by Trivia Crack category.

It may sound like homework, but spending 15 minutes learning the Trivia Crack answers in a category that you don’t do well in is an easy way to win.

Trivia Crack Answers Through Ratings

If you go to the Trivia Crack Question Factory in the app you can see potential questions and answers that may eventually make it into the game. This will show you what the answer is in an environment where you don’t need to worry about missing it.

Rate new questions to learn Trivia Crack answers.

Rate new questions to learn Trivia Crack answers.

After you answer a Trivia Crack question you can then rate it as incorrect, correct and you don’t like it or correct and you do like it. This will influence the game. Don’t intentionally mark questions as wrong here, but if you are honest about what you like and don’t like you can change some of the Trivia Crack answers you need to know.

Trivia Crack Cheats

If you don’t know the answer, you need Trivia Crack cheats to find the answers fast. If you are playing on the iPhone or iPad you can use Siri as a Trivia Crack cheat to get the answer before time runs out. Watch the Trivia Crack cheats video below to see how this works. It doesn’t always work, but it can help you find the answer if you act fast.

Another option is available if you play Trivia Crack on Facebook. You can use a Chrome extension to always see the correct answer. This is the greatest Trivia Crack cheat as you will see the answer selected for you in Facebook.

If you want to make sure you never get a Trivia Crack question wrong you can use Airplane mode to see the answer using airplane mode as a Trivia Crack cheat that will show you the right answer and then ask you the same question again.

The video above shows this Trivia Crack cheat in action, so you can master the process of cheating at Trivia Crack on iPhone or iPad.

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1 Comment

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    11/12/2015 at 2:59 pm

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