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Trivia Crack Cheats: Beat Your Friends



You can use these Trivia Crack cheats to beat your friends even when you don’t know the answer. Trivia Crack only offers a limited amount of time to answer the questions correctly, but if you cheat at Trivia Crack and ask for help the second the question pops up on-screen, you can get the answer right and keep playing.

Unfortunately this Trivia Crack cheat does not work every time, but you can use it on several categories pretty easily when you are stumped. The other player will not know you are cheating unless of course you are playing in the same room with them.

Here’s how you can use Trivia Crack cheats to beat your friends. This works best on the iPhone because it is faster to use Siri than Google Now. You can also use this strategy with your iPad or a second phone if you can’t get the answer fast enough using this one phone Trivia Crack cheat.

Learn how you can use Trivia Crack cheats to beat your friends.

Learn how you can use Trivia Crack cheats to beat your friends.

All you need to do to use Trivia Crack cheats to win is to hold the home button and ask Siri for the answer. You only have a limited amount of time, so you will need a good connection to the Internet or it will take too long for Siri to find the answer. You also need to tap on the answer several times as Trivia Crack seems to put a delay on tapping after the app loses focus, likely to prevent users from winning with Trivia Crack cheats or hacks.

The video below shows the Trivia Crack cheat in action twice. Once where it works and a second time where it doesn’t work. This is best for answers that show up in Wikipedia where you can see results in the Siri reply right away. There is not time for scrolling or asking a second time.

Watch as we try Trivia Crack cheats in the video below.

If you plan to use Trivia Crack cheats to beat your friends, you will want to stick to the Science, History, Geography and Arts categories. These are the easiest to ask Siri about and to get an answer that you can use quickly. Entertainment and Sports often ask questions that you need multiple pieces of information to get the right answer, such as who was in two different shows. These categories also often bring up current information when you ask Siri, instead of the more historical trivia you want to know the answer to.

As soon as you know the answer, press the home button once to go back to Trivia crack and then tap on the answer as fast and frequently as possible. In our experience you need to tap several times before it selects the right answer.

There is no prize for winning, so some of you may not like the idea of using Trivia Crack cheats, but as we discovered with Flappy Bird in 2014 you don’t need a prize to encourage cheating, especially when playing against friends. Rae Staton a Licensed Social Worker told Gotta Be Mobile why we cheat at mobile games, even when there is no prize. Staton explains;

“Video games are based on a reward system, you reach a level, you unlock new perks and are rewarded with bells and whistles, points and “high scores”…..all of which encourage repeat behavior.  It is operant conditioning (i.e.-behavior that is rewarded will be repeated)….and if your buddies all “high-five” you and congratulate you on your big achievement, you have gained social status, acceptance and a boost to your self-esteem, which further encourages repeat behavior.”

You can download Trivia Crack on the iPhone, iPad and on Android or Windows Phone free. There is a ad-free Trivia Crack for $2.99 that removes the annoying ads that take over your screen throughout play.

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1 Comment

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