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Trouble in Typhoon Touch Land?



Interesting story from about some strange financial transactions occurring at the lawsuit-happy Typhoon Touch Technologies.

James Shepard, the founder and CEO of Typhoon, sold 58% of the ownership back to the company on July 1 – for assets worth less than $64,000. As the author, Larry Harris, rightly points out, of all the people involved at Typhoon Touch, Shepherd would know more about the value of his patents than anyone else. Why would he choose to give up so much value of the company, unless he sees trouble ahead in his pursuit of the lawsuits against the likes of Apple, Dell, TabletKiosk, an other others?

There is a lot more that Harris has researched, definitely painting a bleak picture of the road ahead for Typhoon Touch. This is starting to look much better for all of those targeted in this frivolous lawsuit.


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