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Trusted Reviews Takes a Look At The Toshiba M700



toshiba m700 Trusted Reviews has their hands on an Toshiba M700 Tablet PC.  The review takes a good walk thru over the whole device inside and out.  What makes this review a better read – the fact that it’s done by somebody that isn’t really ‘into’ Tablet PC’s and they are the ones that have their hands on it. The first paragraph tells the story of their thoughts on Tablet PC’s…

I’ve never been completely convinced by the Tablet PC concept. It may look good in medical dramas and sci-fi shows when characters busily tap away at tablet devices, but you have to remember one thing about that – they’re not doing anything! If you’ve ever actually tried to control a PC in portrait tablet mode you’ll be well aware that it’s far from a simple procedure. The other issue I have is that Tablet PCs aren’t particularly light either, so if you’re planning to spend your entire day wandering around work holding one like a clipboard, you might want to put some time in at the gym first. It’s therefore with some trepidation that I’m looking at the Portégé M700 – Toshiba’s latest thin and light Tablet notebook

Head over to Trusted Reviews and check out the whole review.

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