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Twas The Night Before iPad



Ah, what a crazy week it has been. Here’s a little something to share on the night before the iPad gets in the hands of who knows how many.

Twas the night before iPad and all through the land
Many Geeks were preparing to hold it in hand.
UPS Servers were crashing with info so faux
But MikeAtUPS was letting everyone know.

Backups were spinning as smart folks prepared,
While the App Store was churning when new apps were aired.
And lines were gathering at Apple Stores to wait
As nighttime drew nigh, the anxiety would not abate.

Those in their wisdom who ordered ahead
Were slowly preparing to settle down in their bed.
As those who waited, were dismayed to know
That they would have to wait a week and a few days, and cried oh, no.

Twitter was a flutter with #iPad tweets galore
And more than one aggravated spouse showed the other the door.
Skeptics were gasping and grasping at straws,
In blog posts and tweets they wrote without pause.

But the hopeful clung tightly to their dreams of tomorrow,
When a new age might dawn, or it might end in sorrow.
Only a few fortunate fan boys got to know first hand
Just how iPad might change things throughout the land.

Publishers hope that we’ll now pay them some cash
For content repackaged and imagined without Flash.
App developers hoped that this magical new device
Might make us forget when they steeply raised the price.

The Easter Bunny was pissed that her holiday was so tainted
And wept with dismay at all those eggs she had painted.
Families were struggling to keep Easter holy and pure
But Steve Jobs said no, this will work, I’m sure.

And as lights twinkled out across the great land,
Jeff Bezos was pacing and wringing his hands.
What would tomorrow bring to his Amazonian store,
More buyers, or would his customers say Kindle no more?

Twas a night charged with anxiety on many a front
As all who where interested felt this change might be blunt.
Success or failure or maybe we’ll have to wait and see.
Whatever the outcome, tomorrow will certainly be.

“Revolutionary and magical” is what many dare hope,
But for some all that matters is that they aren’t proved a dope.
But one thing was certain as the clock ticks through iPad Eve
Tomorrow would bring change and its all thanks to Steve.



  1. JD

    04/02/2010 at 7:50 pm

    That’s brilliant. I knew Warner was a theatre director but I didn’t know he was a poet! Good stuff!

  2. tivoboy

    04/02/2010 at 8:51 pm

    Warner, I’m speechless. I’m going to retweet and let the world know just how creative you ARE!!!

    Nice job, very very nice job

  3. Xavier

    04/03/2010 at 12:12 am

    Great as always Warner! Look forward to seeing you dig into the iPad this weekend.

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