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TwelveSouth SurfacePad Adds Leather Palmrest to MacBook Air



Users who spend all day typing on the MacBook Air should check out the TwelveSouth SurfacePad, a new leather palm rest that attaches to the MacBook Air.

The SurfacePad is made of Napa leather and sticks on to the MacBook Air with a light adhesive to deliver a more comfortable palm rest. The leather is slim enough that you can close the MacBook Air with it on.

The TwelveSouth SurfacePad comes in Pop Red and Jet Black so users can pick the color that fits their style. The Jet Black looks like a great match to the look of the MacBook Air.

TwelveSouth SurfacePad Leather Palmrest for MacBook Air

TwelveSouth SurfacePad Leather Palmrest for MacBook Air.

I’m sure it will take a few tries to get a perfect fit, especially with the tight fit around the trackpad, but the adhesive used allows users to remove and re-apply the leather palm rest until it is just right.

Once removed, TwelveSouth says that the palm rest will not leave behind any residue. I’ve used other palm rest protection films in the past with similar adhesives that come up without any issue.

I’m looking forward to trying this out for the comfort and for protection from scratches that occur from watches and other wrist wear. I’m also hopeful this will prevent the stains that build up after many hours of use.

SurfacePad close up

The Jet Black SurfacePad matches the MacBook Air keys.

This is MacBook Air accessory fits the 2010 and 2011 MacBook Air models in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes. It would go well with the TwelveSouth PlugBug charger that clips to a MacBook Air power adapter to add a USB iPhone or iPad charger.

The TwelveSouth SurfacePad is $29.99 with free shipping.

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