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Two Reasons We Need Better Inking on Small Mobile Devices



InkingWith the exception of the Fujitsu P1620 (and the P1610) with its palm rejection technology, and the Asus line of UMPCs that operate with a “harder touch screen” than most UMPCs, there are very few choices for Inkers out there who want to use a UMPC for Inking. That is of course, unless you want to rely on resting your hand on a bezel or holding it unnaturally when you take pen to screen. I’ve ranted, begged, pleaded, and wept about this before, and will continue to do so. Someone has to fight the good fight. But there are at least two new reasons why I think OEMs should re-examine their stances on Inking on a touch screen. And guess what, those two reasons are excellent pieces of software that lo and behold allow you to take advantage of Inking as a data input method.

The two reasons: InkSeine and the new EverNote.

PS: As soon as we get more EverNote Beta invites we’ll be dishing them out.


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