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TYLT Vu Wireless Car Charger Mount Debuts at CES



TYLT, the popular case, battery and accessory manufacturer for smartphones are back at CES 2015 with an entire host of new products. Their award winning chargers come to mind, and after a quick announcement late last year the company is busy showing off its new TYLT Vu Qi Wireless Car Charger and mount for the first time.

At CES 2015 TYLT is showcasing the new car charger and mount, an Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 6/6 Plus, the Vu Solo, and even some new watch bands for the popular Moto 360 smartwatch.

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Here though, we took a moment to check out the new TYLT Vu Wireless Car Charger and Mount. The product was actually unveiled late last year, but was never released to the public. More details and specs are on their website, and TYLT told GottaBeMobile the charger should finally be available in the next month or so here in 2015.


The original TYLT Vu is an extremely popular wireless charger many Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, or even LG G2 (with wireless charging) owners have enjoyed for over a year. Offering one of the best wireless charging stands available, one that doesn’t need you to precisely drop your phone on the charger.

Qi chargers are convenient. There’s no wires and users just drop their phone right on the dock and it’ll charge your devices, but often at slow speeds. TYLT’s chargers have multiple coils so you’ll get a charge no matter what angle or position the phone rests on the charger, and the high output ensures a fast charge.

Below is the new TYLT Vu Wireless Car Charger and dock, the company’s first Qi-compatible wireless charger for the vehicle. It isn’t the first wireless car charger, but it’s sleek, nicely designed, and will hold an array of different phone sizes. Including the large Nexus 6, or even a Galaxy Note 4 with the replacement wireless charging back.

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It has adjustable arms and a bottom bracket for a snug and secure fit, a soft-touch design to protect your device, and a nice gliding track for the adjustable arms. The way you insert or remove your device is the best part. The “release” button smoothly and slowly opens or closes the arms on your device, rather than you having to fumble with it and try and squeeze it together to hold your device. It gently glides open like a futuristic device, then you simply close it once you’ve dropped your phone in to charge.

It has a durable and strong suction cup on bottom to adhere to any surface, like your dash, a long cable to power up the charger, and even an additional USB port on the adapter so you can charge a secondary device the old “wired” way at the same time if you’d like.

The only down fall of the Vu Wireless Car Charger and Mount is the price, coming in at $80, and that we can’t buy one just yet. It was announced last year but should finally be available to eager buyers or Nexus 6 and DROID Turbo owners in the coming weeks or months.

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