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U.S. Samsung Galaxy S5 Release: Immediate Price Cuts Likely



The Samsung Galaxy S5 release date is coming in April or May according to rumors and when it arrives we should see immediate price cuts for U.S. shoppers signing a two-year agreement and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see T-Mobile even offer some kind of deal on the off-contract model.

Why is it so important to tell potential buyers this right now, when the Galaxy S5 launch has yet to happen?

Simply put there is bad Galaxy S5 buying advice out there right now. According to research from Idealo the price of the Galaxy S5 SIM free will drop about 25% in the first three months. That’s not hard to believe and it’s pretty much a given with the any flagship phone out there.

The U.S. Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will likely bring deals of close to 25% off on a contract.

The U.S. Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will likely bring deals of close to 25% off on a contract.

But some reports suggest users shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S5 at the release because it will be cheaper in the future. That’s true of any new technology, but if shoppers wait months for a price drop it could quickly turn into a few more months for a Galaxy Note 4 or the larger screen iPhone 6.

For U.S. Galaxy S5 buyers that plan to get the phone on a contract a potential 25% discount is likely going to add up to about $50 off. Consumers need to weigh the benefits of saving $50 versus waiting months for a possible price drop on an off contract model.

The Galaxy S5 SIM Free price (off contract) could drop 24% in three months.

The Galaxy S5 SIM Free price (off contract) could drop 24% in three months.

As it turns out there is already a $50 discount well ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date for shoppers that want to buy this phone on AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile and are willing to shop at Best Buy. Just register the phone number or numbers for the lines that you want to buy a Galaxy S5 on and wait for the release to save $50 instantly.

This is the first deal that shoppers can use to save $50 on the Galaxy S5 or any other phone that arrives on these carriers, but it won’t likely be the last. Before the Galaxy S4 release in 2013 Walmart offered a pre-order for $31 off the 16GB model which could very easily happen again. It is also very likely that Wirefly, Amazon, RadioShack and Target will offer some kind of deals on the Galaxy S5 very soon after the release date.

U.S. Galaxy S5 buyers that want to save big won’t need to wait three months, as Android phones often see big deals within weeks of the release. Even the iPhone 5s saw a $86 price drop within a month of the release thanks to Black Friday. There is no Black Friday in the spring, but retailers might offer similar gift card deals near the Galaxy S5 release date.

Waiting for a lower price is a sound strategy for some items, but with technology that a user will likely carry for two years and pay $1,000 to $2,000 in service fees, it is a drop in the bucket and not worth waiting three months for when U.S. Galaxy S5 buyers can save big faster.

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement is set for February 24h in Barcelona where Samsung is expected to announce the new phone with a larger 5.25-inch display and possibly a higher resolution. We also expect a new processor and an upgraded 16MP camera according to the most reliable rumors. The Galaxy S5 design remains mostly a mystery and it is not clear if Samsung will finally move away from plastic, but rumors suggest we could see at least one plastic model with a new finish on the back of the device.



  1. Alex

    02/15/2014 at 9:23 pm

    The most stupid logic. You will never buy a new tech because you will wait another year for newest tech. Electronics change every second. A minute you buy them they are already a minute old tech. Not the newest.

  2. h0ss

    02/16/2014 at 9:50 am

    Man, that makes no sense whatsover.
    Don’t rely on babel fish to translate for you anymore…

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