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Ultimate Droid Bionic Beginners Guide [Get Started Videos]



The Motorola Droid Bionic is on store shelves now, and as soon as you get your new phone home, you’ll want to get things set up. Motorola has just posted a collection of Droid Bionic how to videos to help you get started with your new Droid Bionic.

If you are new to Android, there are a collection of setup and getting started videos that will walk you through setting up your new phone, email accounts and using the Bionic for the first time.

The best advice I have to help you get the most out of your Droid Bionic is to start playing with it. If you are in any app, the Menu button should bring up a collection of options including settings. When in doubt, go here and look for an option that sounds like what you want to do.

Check out our Droid Bionic review for more details.

How To Get Started with the Droid Bionic

How to use your Droid Bionic for the first time – This video gives you an overview of the Droid Bionic, including what yoru buttons do, how to get around Android and more.

How to use the Home Screen and Notifications Panel – This video shows you how to efficiently use the Droid Bionic home screens and notification panel.

How to use the Quick Contacts Widget – This widget will give you fast access to your contacts. learn how to set it up in a minute.

How to Add a Widget to Your Droid Bionic Home Screen – This video will show you how to add widgets to your home screen. You can download more widgets from the Android market.

How to use Scrollable Widgets on the Bionic – Now that you have widgets, learn how to use scrollable widgets to see more on your home screen.

How to Use the Droid Bionic Camera – Learn how to use the built in camera and to share photos.

How to Use the Built in Camcorder – Learn how to take videos in 1080P on the Droid Bionic, and how to share them.

How to use the Gallery on the Droid Bionic – Now that you’ve taken pictures and video, here’s how to go back and look at them later for sharing and watching.

How to Create App Groups – This video will show you how to create groups for your widgets. Simplify your app navigation.

How to Use Mirror Mode on the Droid Bionic – Learn how to use the Droid Bionic to put your Bionic screen on your HDTV.

How to Manage Battery Power and Profiles – Learn how to take control of your Droid Bionic’s battery for a longer lasting battery, even on 4G LTE.

How to Create a WiFi Hotspot on the Bionic – Learn how to turn your Bionic into a hotspot that can connect up to 5 devices like your iPad, notebook, PSP or Kindle to the web anywhere you have a cell phone connection. You’ll need to subscribe to this feature.

Keep your eye out for our roundup of advanced Droid Bionic video guides and more on how to use Webtop on your Droid Bionic.



  1. jeffs1954

    06/24/2014 at 7:50 pm

    My Bionic will not detect any WIFI connections. I try to turn on the wifi and after a minute it turns itself off.Can anyone help?

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