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UltraMon rocks!



I started a thread on the GBM forums asking folks about how they use multi-monitors. I’ve been very impressed with multi-monitor support in Vista as it relates to Tablet PCs. You can now set your external monitor as the main display, make your tablet screen the extended screen, and then have inking support on the tablet pc.

Well, in all the years I’ve been using Tablet PCs, I’ve never seriously looked at UltraMon until forum member DevilsRejction suggested it. I just installed it and I have to see it simply rocks! Not only can I easily send one screen to another easily, now my taskbar stretches across both screens. I can also  stretch a window across both screens with the press of one button, and also see my desktop wallpaper stretch across. This functionality coupled with Vista improvements for inking on the extended display make multi-monitors finally productive for me.

There are a myriad of options that I have not even gotten into yet, but I highly recommend you check it out. Single licenses start out at $39.95. I’m buying mine once my 30 day trial is over.


By the way, with the number of folks who use multi-monitors at Microsoft, I’m surprised that UltraMon type of functionality is not built in to Vista. It should be.

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